Coloring books are here!

We have carried coloring books for grownups for at least 5 to 7 years now. They have always done well. Lately there has been lots of press on NPR and the New York Times about how fun and enjoyable coloring can be. Come on in and we can show you lots of options. Add some soft colored pencils and you are good to go. 11088547_10153149795808350_4621443474799553221_n We have one spinning rack in the window- one regular rack there too – and a second spinning rack in Studio B. Subjects for everyone :)

March newsletter

Okay – happy Spring – no snow in the forecast – woot woot!! Here is the latest.

1.This Saturday – March 28- come on down- we will be hosting “The Randy Show” at 1pm in Studio B. Limited seating so sign up early if possible. No charge for this fast moving pretty entertaining presentation by owner Randy Snyder. He will wow you with his knowledge of minutia in the art supply world while showing you all kinds of cool things. Jane will pop in halfway thru to talk about her favorites and show you all kinds of things to inspire you. These two together will make you want to create, paint, read, or just plain old color! Special discount to all those who attend :) Sylvia is still smiling about part of Randy’s talk :)

2.Want to have some fun? Come join Jane for our first ever “Paper Podging” class. Yep – we think we made up that word. You will be collaging a small paper mache creature and you will be surprised how cool and creative this can be. Deb and Jane have both been on this kick and they are having too much fun so we decided a class it should be. Saturday – April 18 from 10-12. $30 – everything is included.

3.Watercolor Workshop with Lynne Yancha- Slight change of date – May 2 and or June 6 – 10-4 from Lynne and I quote … “ Come play with me- Bring your spirit, ready and willing to explore, play and learn. Bring a 5 x 7 or larger photo or use one of mine. The sky is the limit… long luxurious YOU day. Pack a lunch and I’ll give you all that I am possibly able.” Well how cool is that? You will need your own watercolor supplies and there will be some things to share. Lynne prefers the 300lb hot press Arches which we have here if you need it. Classes are limited to 6. $60 fee.

4. CAPTURING COLOR – A Color Theory Workshop with Cindy Dozpat- May 16 from 11 to 3:30 – fee $45- list of supplies to bring – the rest is provided :) Color – it’s so important…and so challenging!  In this fun, hands-on workshop, we’ll focus on three aspects of color:  the families, value, and intensity.  With just a few tubes of paint, together we’re going to create dozens of colors.  With the goal of improving our paintings, we’ll also explore how to control color’s intensity, why value is so important and effective, and how to use a color wheel. ****What to bring***** Water container Average-sized synthetic brushes (2); they usually only use one, but it would be good to have an extra one along. Brights are best, but rounds or flats are okay, too. A roll of paper towels Six to eight Styrofoam or grease-resistant white paper plates to serve as palettes An apron or smock A pen A bag lunch with yummies :) Brushstrokes will provide the paint (a quality acrylic), the gray scale, a color wheel, and a palette knife which are yours to keep. Cindy has been teaching this for quite a while in Bloomsburg and we are thrilled to have her teach in the ‘burg!!

TO SIGN UP for any of these… Call 570-523-7911 – payment is required at time of registration- note class policy ** No refunds. If the student cancels then one-half will go to instructor-the other half you may redeem for supplies. It just makes life simpler for us and will keep us having classes **** Remember class sizes are limited. We are working on several other ideas and will let you know as soon as we have the dates locked up. New stuff !!

Be sure to note our new windows – the Brushstrokes elves have been hard at work. We have “Spring” in one and “Cleaning” in the other. One with an emphasis on flowers and color, the other all about storage, organizing and sale stuff. What is hot – our greeting cards, handmade papers from Nepal, colored pencils and coloring books – really these bring a smile to peoples faces!- inks (lots of creative things going on here- you should see Laurie’s cool tiles she did with our new alcohol inks) and tubes of paint flying out the door. Methinks everyone is ready to get a painting!!

Also we have some sweet paint deals going on – M. Graham – buy three get one from the “free” bowl. Right now we have it in all of the big three, watercolor, acrylic, and oils- while supplies last. Gamblin oils, mediums, etc. spend $25 – pick a complementary product from our basket- torrit gray – paint made from all the bits left, solvent free gel, gamsol, carbon black – just to name a few. Also our own special – spend $25 and pick one from a basket of palettes, wood, plastic, acrylic- values up to $31. Sorry this is so lengthy – had my iced coffee a little too late in the afternoon.

Hope to see you soon, Kathy and Team Brushstrokes

P.S. Any typos are the fault of coffee too late and a long haired cat named Natasha.

Warm your heart Feb. 6, 7, and 8!!

Layout 1And it is that time of year again – our 7th annual collection event for seven of our local pet rescue organizations. This is something very dear to our hearts and we LOVE the happiness that this weekend brings. So if you have clean blankets, towels, dog beds, cat beds, pet food or treats, cleaning supplies, crates . etc. and of course we will take monetary donations. We haven’t even started yet and we already have $100 – woo woo. Anyone making a donation of $25 or more can pick from  a selection of tiny original paintings created by the artists of Brushstrokes. This offer is good while they last. They are just lovely. Check our Facebook page to see a gallery of them after Wednesday afternoon (4th). Thanks for any help you can give at all. Every penny stays locally plus we always throw in some to even things out in the end :)


Holidays gentle end.

It is Brushstrokes tradition to let the dogs run thru the shop early in the morning-as crazy as this holiday season has been we have managed to pretty much keep up with that. Christmas eve morning was no exception. We stopped for a brief photo op-as you can see George was less than thrilled. The shop was crazy busy and we didn’t scoot the last customer out until 4:45 even though we were closing at 4.  :) We will be closed Thursday through Sunday and reopen on Monday. Studio time and playtime!!10430919_10152898215518350_5490455850983999783_n Winslow was quite smitten with his collar !

The last week of the holiday season

10428443_10152881435703350_1853690337538325625_n Things have been hopping and cool things are flying out the door. But as we are what we are – new stuff has been arriving in boxes. You should see the paper mache Santa faces :)  We can bag wrap most things and our elves are pretty happy. I heard 4 different people say what a cool store it was. That makes us all feel pretty good. Hope to see you and have a wonderful holiday.

Late Shopper’s Night- 12/5/14

Tomorrow night – Friday – December 5 is Late Shopper’s Night in downtown Lewisburg. Here is a link to our specials for that night……

( Might need to copy and paste – link things don’t want to work tonight)

Some seasons we are all organized and ready for bear. Not this season – we are twinkling with good ideas but somehow the store looks a bit wonky and many things don’t seem to be ending up in the right place. So tidy we are not but full we are with all sorts of great ideas and gifts. We will happily bagwrap your gift with our new cool dark olive green bags with fun swirly plum tissue until we run out. Our wrapping ability may possibly be lacking tomorrow if we get too busy or our creativity turns to fatigue. A lot of us in team Brushstrokes are morning people so be sure to give us a prod if we are nodding off tomorrow night. Just kidding – we are good to go and will be happy to help – rain or no rain – snow or no snow. Light snacks will be available and we can guarantee Randy will be playing some cool holiday tunes. Our holiday hours are our normal hours except for tomorrow – 10 to midnight. Plus on Sundays we will be open until Dec. 24 – from 12 to 4. If all goes well we will close for a couple of days after the 25th- the opportunity to have four days off in a row only presents in self occasionally so we shall probably grab it :)

What is hot so far – Motawi tiles – sold 4 today- puzzles- scrabble tile necklaces – more on the way- Blum kids kits, anything Zentangle and our holiday cards.

What is new- pearlescent chalk pencil tins, 9 in one specialty pens and pencils ( level, ruler, etc), more paper garlands (scotty dogs, cars, frogs, etc.), toned tan and gray cards and artist tiles, styrofoam heads( rather random – I know) , large selection of paper mache animals, and now paper mache stars, balls, arrows, and numbers.

We are running a little low on space so hopefully the art store elves will come in tonight and tidy it up before tomorrow.

P.S.All typos are the fault of Willow – the large Tuxedo cat who keep nuzzling against my arm. His nickname is Mr. Wheedles cause he wheedles his way in so he can be as close as possible.

P.S 2- Note our side window where Jane has done these cool industrial style blueprints on how to make a star, and envelope, a tree, etc.

P.S.3 Note our window in Studio B where Deb did these sweet white on black mini Zentangle works.

P.S.4 We are hoping Deb will wear her sock monkey footed jammies tomorrow night. Don’t know who could possibly have bought her those for her birthday :)

Full speed ahead to Black Friday and Shop Small Saturday

We are fully stocked and ready for the fun week. Lots of new cool things. We are making up sweet gift bags especially hand picked by our artists so you can grab and go. So far we have some for intro watercolor, pen sketching, and drawing. Also a sweet little mod podge, animal paper mache kit. More to come. Downtown has the shopping pass–look for it at Lewisburg PA .com- can’t seem to get the link to post but will post picture later :)