Newsletter Feb. 2017


Greetings from Brushstrokes Land. Life has been busy and our newsletter has been a bit neglected. Will try to do better.

Lewisburg Ice Festival starts today. Love this weekend! Ice usually comes early afternoon. The weather is going to cooperate. We are having our Annual Warm your Heart event to benefit the local animal rescues and pet food bank. Here is a link to an article about it in the Daily Item.

We are all geared up and for the little painting donation part of the event we have about 40 offerings. How cool! Once we put them up on Facebook they started flying out the door. One is even getting shipped to Georgia! Here is the link to the little video of our mini gallery.

Hours for the weekend are Friday 10 to 8, Saturday 10 to 5 ish, and Sunday 12 -4.

There are many fun things going on this weekend. Here is a link to the schedule of events.

Okay- it has been busy around the shop. We have added, moved, cleared out, enlarged our printmaking, started a little office and sundries area, and are looking at some really cool artsy stuff to bring in. A line of earrings called TWIG are headed our way. Sweet little woodcut earrings that are priced right. Other cool stuff in the queue.

Our classes are paused for the moment. We are regrouping, and looking at all our options.
The Center for the Arts in Sunbury has some awesome classes and two of our peeps teach there. Here is a link to them…

The Arts Center Of The Greater Susquehanna Valley YMCA

We offer their students a 10% discount on supplies so it is a good collaboration for us.

What is hot…. printmaking, bullet journaling, Stabilo point 88 pens ( new open stock rack just went out yesterday – 99 cents each 🙂 ), puzzles ( it is winter after all), and painting in general.

We just got in literally about $2500 worth of new greeting cards and they are sweet. We are still a go to for the quick kids birthday present on a Saturday morning and will wrap it for you tout suite. ( haha – might have spelled that wrong but it is 6am ).

We have put all our Wrapped journals and products at 50% off as the two boys from LA are closing up shop and our Gray Matters brushes moved over to the 50% area. Lots of miscellaneous there too.

That’s it for now. Off to hopefully a busy weekend.
Thanks, Kathy and Team Brushstrokes